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Indian organic groceries online, organic mangoes Singapore online. Best quality, healthy organic groceries online.

When I posted about organic vegetable vendor who delivered mudakathan keerai in Singapore, I received numerous mail, that I had received ever before. That made me realize how people are interested in organic and healthy items in Singapore. So when Megha from contacted me last month, I happily agreed for a shout out post. I have already once ordered mangoes from her last season. Loved the service, quality and not to mention specially about the taste and fragrance organic natural mangoes. sells organically grown mangoes that are certified Organic USDA (USA), JAS (Japan) and India Organic. The mangoes are creamy, flavorful, straight from Ratnagiri. (my whole house smell with a sweet fragrance from the Alphonso mango).

General questions you might be having in mind

How are mangoes artificially ripened?

For fast ripening of the green harvested mangoes, calcium carbide or ethylene powder sachets are used to artificially ripe mangoes.

Does washing helps to remove the chemicals in artificially ripen mangoes?

No, it can still be not effective.

How to identify artificially ripened mangoes? Or any fruit

Look for evenly colored skin. If it is with green patches and yellow patches un evenly distributed, you may be consuming artificially ripen mangoes/ fruits. It should have a natural gradient colour skin.

How to avoid consuming chemicals in mangoes?

Try to avoid buying mangoes off season. Also always buy from quality, well established sellers.

Side effects of using chemicals in ripening mangoes?

Diarrhea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, sleepiness are some of the common symptoms found.


Wildseed has now added groceries too. You can find:

  • Organic immunity boosting superfoods
  • Organic Legumes
  • Organic Flours
  • Organic Spices
  • Organic Rice and grains
  • Slurrp Farm products

If you are into healthy diet, I am sure you must also be wanting to consume quality, healthy and from organic source. So here’s where you might want to start with. They have superfoods section having organic flax seeds, psyllium husk etc in their list. I will definitely come up with some recipes using these in my upcoming posts.

When it comes to quality, they are incomparable. Extensive and rigorous testing performed to reassure customers that the food is pesticide free. Every Bytewise Product has a QR code sticker on it. This QR code when scanned redirects the customer to Analytical Reports. These are prepared by credible third-party Food Testing Labs, Eurofins and TUV SUD. Confirming their purchased product to the requirements of Food Safety Standards and/or Regulation.

This reassures the customer that there are no pesticides in their food. This kind of rigorous testing no other brands are doing. The results of the test are made available to the customer just by a quick scan with their phone.

What I also like other than the facts it’s organic:

I love the practicality in their packs with resealable for easy storage. Also the spice powders comes in beautiful glass bottles that can be organised in your pantry as such. If you don’t mind spending a little more few bucks for health and wellness, do order these and support.

Hope I have answered all your queries in mind. So Singapore reader friends, Do let know your feedback and queries if you have any regarding these organic mangoes and organic Indian groceries. Even they are open to hear any constructive feedback from the customers after you order from them.

I have been provided with the mangoes and the groceries you see here by

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